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Filing for bankruptcy is a very stressful event. But you will experience an immediate sense of relief once you seek protection of the bankruptcy court, because of the“automatic stay”, which immediately goes into effect once you file your petition. Creditor calls, levies on your bank account or wages, foreclosures, lawsuits and delinquent notices must cease once your creditors receive notice of your bankruptcy filing.

The bankruptcy process, even though complicated, will provide you with the “head start”you need to financially recover and get back on your feet. Most debts, if not all, will be discharged, and you should be able to keep your home and personal property, under the exemptions provided by federal and state law.

If you are facing a financial crisis, remember, you are not alone. Personal and business bankruptcies are on the rise, and are expected to continue to rise. The main causes of consumer bankruptcy are medical debt, job loss, divorce, and failed businesses. Filing for bankruptcy can give you the immediate relief you need to start over.

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