Child Custody And Your Parental Rights

In a large number of child custody cases, there are conflicting points of views between the two parents or parties involved.

Due to the emotional aspect that is often involved when determining child custody, it becomes important to seek the legal counsel of an attorney who can help address your true concerns, clarify the legal process and assist you in obtaining the most favorable outcome.

With 36 years experience as a child custody attorney, Colette Jolicoeur is familiar and knowledgeable with the concerns and factors that play a role in child custody cases. Concerns such as time-sharing arrangements, legal custody, which concerns decisions involving education, health care, and issues such as parental alienation can confuse and complicate the legal process for the parties involved.

Assistance in Presenting Your Point of View

Our firm can provide calm and reasonable assistance and advice, and can help settle a complex child custody case either through mediation with Family Court Services, therapeutic counseling, or in some cases, a court hearing.

If you are considering a child custody arrangement and need information about how to proceed, contact our office today for more information on how we can help you.

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