Divorce Attorney in Paso Robles

Thinking about divorce can bring on a great deal of stress for most people. There are many decisions to make, all of which will have a large effect on your life for years to come. That is why obtaining an experienced attorney’s help is so important.At the Law Office of Colette Jolicoeur in Paso Robles, California, we can provide the clarity you need.  Colette Jolicoeur is one of the most experienced family law attorneys in the area, and she can work with you to help you reach a resolution. She and the rest of us at the firm see divorce as an opportunity for a new beginning, and we can help you get yours.

Finding Lasting Solutions for Every Aspect of Your Divorce

If you have not been married long, dissolving a marriage may not be too difficult. However, for most divorces, there are many aspects of the process that you must address. When you work with Ms. Jolicoeur, she can help you determine:

  • A child custody and visitation plan that protects your parental rights and your child’s best interests
  • A fair amount of child support and/or spousal support obligations, whether you are paying or receiving
  • The fair value of community property and protecting your access to your most valued assets

As a divorce lawyer with more than 36 years of experience, Ms. Jolicoeur has represented clients in all types of settings. When you come in for a consultation, she will carefully learn the details of your situation and help you figure out if mediation, settlement negotiations or litigation would be the best approach to protect your interests.

Guiding You Through the Property Division Process

For many divorcing couples throughout the area, they have accumulated a great deal of assets. Ms. Jolicoeur has extensive experience working with the right experts to determine a fair value of your assets for the property division process. These can include the marital home, a beach home, rental properties, cars, family businesses, investments and retirement assets.

Thinking About Filing for Divorce? Call Us Today for Help.

We invite you to contact the Law Office of Colette Jolicoeur to discuss your options. We can help you think through every detail of a potential divorce and help you figure out the best way to find solutions that fit your life. Contact us online or give us a call at (805) 461-8600  today.