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Colette provided the legal expertise and knowledge to provide the best outcome that I could have ever imagined. She pored over every detail of the documents submitted by the other side and squashed every argument in open court. If you have any doubt about hiring this law firm, please don’t, and do it immediately. You will not be disappointed. It is money well spent and this judgement will provide a better life for me and my family.

– Vincent S.

The custody has been great…thank you for everything, so glad we got you. We have referred people to you.

– J.J

Please accept my appreciation for you and I will continue to recommend you to all that ask, you do great work.

– W.B.

Thank you Colette for all the work you did and caring about my son’s case. You gave him the confidence to help him through this and believe in himself. We feel blessed that you were sent our way.

– S.J.

I appreciate everything that you are doing for me in this crazy divorce case and I am so very happy that I found you to help me put it all behind me and move forward. Once again, thank you for all of your help.

– Sindee Y.

Thank you also for giving me faith that there truly is justice, not just attorneys with their hands out. You are admirable, and I am grateful. Colette is BY FAR the most competent attorney I’ve ever worked with (including my 15 years in the entertainment industry).

– Claire J.

I was referred to Colette after my attorney of 2 years retired from private practice. I had heard she was good, but I learned she was great! She took on a very complicated divorce and custody case when she took my case. Colette is extremely honest and very hardworking. I did not know a lawyer could be so caring, compassionate, and personable. A divorce/custody case can be so emotionally exhausting, and Colette was always there to give me encouragement and affirmation. In addition, Colette has a wonderful paralegal Kate who manages the office and does a fantastic job supporting clients. I highly recommend their law office for any family law cases.

– Brian R.

Colette represented me in my divorce. It was contentious and involved custody issues. I felt that Colette was always on my side and that she was always well prepared and cared about getting the best possible outcome for me and my kids. She worked well with my ex’s attorney and we were able to achieve progress on many issues without having to go to trial. When I demanded that we go forth with something that she felt was not in my best interest she held firm and I recognized later that indeed she had been correct in her advice and ended up saving me a lot of trouble. I have referred several friends to her and feel that she has taken good care of them as well. When I first met her I thought “wow, she’s a bulldog! Thank goodness she’s on my side!”

– Laura H.

This office is very well organized and is dominated by a stress free environment. I found both Ms. Jolicoeur and her secretary, Kate, very interested in helping their clients. They are very honest and all the expenses were disclosed on time. The e-mails are returned in a timely fashion and if there is an emergency, you can solve it with the Office, the same day. The appointments are easy to make. As a client, you are taught from the beginning what you can expect from a bad situation. I highly recommend this Office to anybody who needs an approachable team.

– Divorce Client – Simona P.

Colette was the most remarkable Attorney I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  My entire divorce took less than two months and without costing me an arm and a leg.  I would highly recommend her!!! She always returned my call.  On one occasion when I really needed her, she answered my calls while at the dentist … now that’s service.

– Divorce Cient – Teri B. .

During a time in which my world was turned upside down, Colette provided for me a sense of security knowing that she was looking out for me and representing me. Thank you for all you have done! I would highly recommend Colette to anyone needing Family Law legal help.

– Stevi T.

In 2010 Colette Jolicoeur represented me in a child custody/support case. I am very satisfied with the job she did for me and feel that she was very fair with the hours I was billed for. Thank you.

– Scott H.

Colette Jolicoeur is the most efficient and honest attorney I have had the pleasure of working with in SLO County. After I was not awarded any of my ex-husband’s retirement during a particularly nasty divorce using another attorney. I had Ms. Jolicoeur research this matter and she found that I was entitled. We went before the same judge that had ruled against me on this matter and he awarded me what I was entitled to. Ms. Jolicoeur and her assistant Kate always made me feel comfortable and safe which is difficult to find with many attorneys. I would recommend Ms. Jolicoeur to anyone needing an attorney, as she is diligent in her efforts to serve her clients in the best capacity possible.

– Dixie D.

My daughter was in a difficult marriage and Colette Jolicoeur
was highly recommended as the best divorce attorney in town. She certainly lived up to her reputation. Both she and her assistant Kate were knowledgeable, thorough, and available to answer questions as they arose. They doggedly marched this difficult divorce through to its conclusion and Colette provided much needed moral support and compassion for my daughter to stay strong during this ordeal.
Colette cared. I would give her law practice the highest recommendation possible.

– Marilyn M.

I had one of the worst divorces on the central coast.  My ex-husband had a well-known and overrated attorney, and I had Colette Jolicoeur. My husband’s attorney is well-known for running up huge bills, so if you think you are getting a great bulldog attorney think again.  We won every decision for the judge.  It did cost a lot of money, but not near as much as my ex-husband paid for his attorney, which I estimate he paid about $200,000.

All I was asking for was half the equity in our home, which was a little under $100,000. But my ex-husband ended up paying triple because of his attorney, who put a lien on his house.  This attorney likes to send letters, go to court when it’s not needed, and generate massive amounts of paperwork.  He like to create a lot of drama in the courtroom, and make his client sit on the stand for hours in order to drive up his bill.

My attorney’s bill was nowhere near the cost of my ex-husband’s, but it was good chunk, because of the constant letters my attorney received and has to respond to because of all of the nonsense.

I highly recommend Colette Jolicoeur, she is very intelligent, honest, no drama and she kicked his ass!

– Caroline E.

*The facts and circumstances of your case may differ from the matters in which results and testimonials have been provided.

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